Notification about Membership Dues

Reminder posted October 8, 2013

Konnichiwa!  IFLTA 2013 is coming soon.  I hope to see many of you there!  It brings to me to remind you for our annual membership dues.  Please see the information below regarding how to join or renew your membership.

1)       Both AATJ (American Association of Teachers of Japanese)  and AITJ (Association of Indiana Teachers of Japanese)

Pay your dues directly online at AATJ website below.  Be sure to specify your local affiliate as AITJAATJ will notify us of  your membership status.  The membership categories are:

Individual Regular Membership - 1 year (calendar year)

$40 or $45 with publications




Student Membership - 1 year (calendar year) 

 $20 or $25 with publications



                       AATJ website:  (*The information is currently for 2013)


2)       AITJ (Association of Indiana Teachers of Japanese) only

Mail your check ($15) to the address below along with the information form.  Please make your check

payable to AITJ.    

*I will be at this year¨s IFLTA, so you may give me both form and the dues instead if you prefer.



Thank you very much for being a member of AITJ.  We look forward to staying connected with you and our growing network of Indiana Teachers of Japanese!

Hiromi Hollett (

Elkhart Central High School
AITJ Treasurer






Form for AITJ membership only ($15 Payable to AITJ)
Print out this form and mail with your check to:   

Hiromi Hollett
Elkhart Central High School
One Blazer Blvd.
Elkhart, IN 46516

                                                                                       Receipt:  Yes        No
                                                                                          Preferred mailing address:    School         Home


Name of School you teach________________________________________________________________


School Address:________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:________________________________________________

School Telephone:__________________________________________________


Home Address:__________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________

Home Telephone:________________________________________________