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K-12 Schools and Universities may post Japanese language job openings free on this site.  
If desired, we can also email information on job opening to members of the Japanese language community in Indiana.  Information on places that Japanese language positions may be posted nationally is also available by request.   Universities in Indiana graduate hundreds of outstanding students with Japanese language majors and minors each year, and we would be happy to post job openings in business or other organizations for any position requiring Japanese language or cultural competancy.  Please contact (AITJ President) for more information or to post a position.

Japanese Lecturer Position at IUPUI (Posted 9/29/2013)

President's Greetings, July 2013
Update: The next JOI will take place at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

Job Information, July-August 2013

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March 16, 2013
27th Annual Midwestern Japanese Language Speech Contest

The final contest of the 27th Annual Midwestern Japanese Language Speech Contest was held at the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago on Saturday 16th March, 2013.  Three of the Academy Japanese 202 students participated in the category of high school students with three years of formal Japanese studies. All 3 were included among the 10 finalists chosen from the 10 Midwestern states.  Students delivered their Japanese languages speeches beautifully and also answered questions from the chief judge confidently. The results are as follows.

2nd Place:  Gabrielle Lee (Academy Senior)      title:  "Japanese Study"  
3rd Place
:  Alexandra  Harris (Academy Senior)
title:   "Theatre and Me"
4th Place
:  Maya McCullaugh (Burris Sophomore)
title:  "My Trip to Japan"

Report prepared by
Fumiko Kishi-Chiuini
Instructor of Japanese 

Indiana Academy



Japanese Olympiad of Indiana 2013, March 2, 2013

Ball State University

Study Guide


Association of Indiana Teachers of Japanese,
-Consulate General of Japan at Chicago
-Department of Modern Languages and Classics, Ball State University
-East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University
-The Japan Foundation.

JOI Result
Level 2

1st place: Chesterton High School
2nd place: Bloomington High School North
3rd place:  Michigan City High School

Level 3
1st place:  Chesterton High School
2nd place:  Valparaiso High School
3rd place:  North Central High School

Level 4:
1st Place:  North Central High School
2nd place:  Chesterton High School
3rd place:  Michigan City High School

JOI Information

2013 JOI will be held at L. A. Pittenger Student Center of Ball State University on March 2nd. Please read the following important information regarding the schedule, direction, parking, internet access, lunch and Emergency contact on the day.

 1. Schedule

12:00~12:40 Registration (In front of Ball Room on the 2nd Floor)
12:40~12:55 Open remarks (Ball Room on the 2nd Floor)
1:00~5:00 JOI Competition (Cultural Demonstration will be held at Ball Room twice during the Preliminary rounds)
 *Please come to the Registration desk in front of Ball Room on the 2nd floor of L. A. Pittenger Student Center at Ball State University between 12:00-12:40. Floor map of L. A. Pittenger Student Center:

2. Direction & Maps

Directions to Ball State University (2000 W. University Ave, Muncie IN 47304): (Location of BSU in Indiana),,32192--,00.html (Driving directions) (campus map)  (parking map)  (Map of Muncie) (L. A. Pittenger Student Center: 2013 JOI competition location)

 3. Parking

Parking lots are available in various places.  (parking map) L. A. Pittenger Student Center is #18 on the map. Around the student center building, there are several parking lots (red, yellow, green), such as G8, G9, G7, G20, 38, C4, G25, C5, C6, G10. These parking lots are closest. All the red, yellow, and green parking lots, and meter parking on campus are free to park on weekends, but the ones with signs such as BSU vehicle only, Handicap, and blue parking are not allowed to park. Since school buses are big, I think that the parking lots, G20, G10, C6, C5, and G25 are good place to park.

 4. Internet access:   For internet access, Ball State University provides free wireless network for guests. Please use “bsuguest” for wireless internet access.

 5. Lunch:    The cafeteria at L. A. Pittenger Student Center will be closed on 3/2, so please get students' lunch at elsewhere before you come. For high school teachers who supervise students, we will prepare pizza for your lunch.

 6. Emergency

For emergency situation, please call me at 765-543-6753 or e-mail me at  If you find that you cannot arrive 1 pm on your way to BSU, please call me at 765-543-6753 as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your participation and we are looking forward to seeing you and your students!